Drake, the coolest kid in B. Braddock High can't seem to pass his English class. Follow our sexy hero as he attempts the forbidden: seducing the notoriously tight Ms. Perifano. Will Drake earn his 'A'? He's certainty going to give it some... effort.


2013 San Francisco 48 Hour Film Festival

2013 Annual SRJC Film Festival

Penn's Edge Screening


Drake - Anthony F. Guzman

Ms. Marilyn Parifano - Emma Hill

Greg - Spencer Park

Douglas the Depressed Student - Adam Carra

Foreign Exchange Student - Dylan Limonczenko

Skater Kid - Evan Morton

Street Walker - Julian Conrad

Objectified Broad - Miranda Limonczenko

Jock - Stefan Perez


Co-directors - Stefan Perez & Julian Conrad

1st Assistant Director - Emma Hill

Story - Adam Carra and Stefan Perez

ScreenplayMiranda Limonczenko

CinematographerJulian Conrad

Editors - Adam Carra and Julian Conrad

Grip and Boom Operator - Dylan Limonczenko

Music - Al Guzman

Special Thanks

Carr's Drive-in

Mark "Oh Hai Mark" Ballard

Al "Papa Gu" Guzman



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