Meet The Flat Pack

Stefan Perez

I founded Flat Quack Films on no belief at all. In fact, I did not “find” it at all. My high school needed me to pick a name, so I found one at random from the dictionary.
— Stefan Perez

Stefan Perez received his first rejection at the age of six when he auditioned to act in a Toys R Us commercial. Since then, Stefan has had two shows canceled (one radio, one television), death threats, and less than 100 likes on Facebook for his production company, Flat Quack Films. Stefan is masterfully bad. But his mother loves him and so does his production crew at least.


Julian Conrad

When Stefan approached me to become a member of the Flat Pack, my face turned from mild contentment to utter agony.
— Julian Conrad

Julian grew up with a passion for high quality filmmaking. He soon realized that passion was entirely unrealistic and joined Flat Quack films instead.
Julian lacked any ambition to launch his own fledgling film career, even after eight years of learning the ins and outs of digital filmmaking. He likes to compare his wealth of knowledge to the absorptive powers of a sponge. Julian acts as a long term consultant for Stefan and his projects, and occasional helps the Pack when awake or in the vicinity of the shoot.

Jackson Rosenfeld

Jackson goes by many names. One of them is ‘Jackson’.
— Stefan Perez

Jackson's mysterious past only has a few glimpses of hard fact. He comes from a lineage of showbiz folk which blessed him with the gift of singing, composing, directing, writing and supertasting* that he uses for his own production company Jaxon Creative and classic-pop-rock-funk-R&B band Supertaster. However, Jackson has a tortured artistic soul which surfaces in such work as the wacky blaxploitation film Dow Jones, the zany action parody, Steve Jobs Biopic and his upcoming rom-com musical, Snaps: The Musical.

* A person who experiences the sense of taste with far greater intensity than average.

Adam Carra

When spirits were low, Adam is there to point out that things are actually worse.
— Stefan Perez

Growing up on the hard core streets of Rohnert Park, California since the age of 11, Adam stayed out of the gangs and drugs with his flare for staying away from people. This is why he does most of his best work alone in a small dark room writing half baked scripts in a day or editing an incomprehensible film for months.

Adam joined the team as a last minute replacement assistant director on the failed short horror film, Zombies vs. Children, directed by Stefan Perez. However, like a phoenix from the ashes of a dead film, blossomed an unlikely collaboration that brings some sense to the non-existent graphic design department and various film productions.

Anthony Guzman

I’m told he’s a nice man at heart.
— Stefan Perez

Anthony learned about his gift for acting at 13 while reading aloud Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol during class time. He explored different avenues of arts with such failed bands as Dark Matter, Cringe, Three Step Drop, and soon Nucleotide ConquistadorsEventually he settled on splitting his time singing lounge music at elderly birthday parties and acting. He dreams to learn how to dance and become a "triple threat" in showbiz.

He caught the eye of FQF in 2006 during a reading of A Christmas Carol and was instantly initiated.

Miranda Limonczenko

If we were Smurfs, she would be Smurfette.
— Stefan Perez

While the rest of the pack has a specific set of skills in filmmaking, Miranda doe not. The most appropriate set of skills would be in taste. Her realist sensibilities usually conflict with the pack's many half baked ideas and impossible productions.