Flat Quack Films Makes the Silver Screen

On an overcast day, Stefan dragged on his sweaty work shirt and solicited me to deliver the Blu Ray to the cinema office. I was all "Sure, okay." Then I lugged across the few blocks from our house to ring a silver bell and slide the disk across the counter. The disk had no glossy cover and had been labeled with Stefan's awful Sharpie scrawl.

That's the secret to how 'A' for Effort, Tough Case, and Hench Life get to play at the Santa Rosa Roxy movie theater on Thursday, April 2nd at 7pm.

Before your jealousy burns through your stomach,  let me tell you how the event's going down:

  1. The beloved cult horror film Hellraiser will play. The audience will have a nostalgia fit, and a couple hardcore fans will loudly recite the lines as they are being spoken and upset the rest of the audience.
  2. Intermission.
  3. A smaller group of people return to the theater to watch Hellraiser II: Hellbound. The once-excited crowd grows silent. All those over age 37 fall asleep.
  4. The credits play through. Everybody leaves.
  5. Then the Flat Quack Films triple feature!

We're eternally thankful for our beloved fans (all five of you!) for helping make this happen. Other far less notable events are the Santa Rosa Junior College Film Festival on April 3rd and the Ha! Fest on May 9th where Tough Case will play. Maybe you'll want to attend the festivals, or you can do the right thing and sit through three hours of film to watch our films on the silver screen afterward.

See you there!

10 points if you can find "Flat Quack Films" on the poster.

10 points if you can find "Flat Quack Films" on the poster.