Julian's Judgment: Fury

"Fury" (2014), a WWII film written and directed by David Ayer, stars Brad Pitt, Shia LeBeouf and a few other people (Logan Lerman, Michael Peña and Jon Bernthal) as a rag-tag tank crew trying to make it out battle scared Germany alive.

If you enjoy World of Tanks and tank porn in general, watch "Fury". The technical crew in charge of the (few) tank fights turn each battle into a nail biting thrill ride. I mention 'few' even though most of the film links itselftogether through the tanks, which sort of become characters in their own right.This movie definitely cares about its realism and tries to make the action as gripping as possible, even for a war film. For those expecting Saving Private Ryan drama or Thin Red Line philosophical jargon, you can avoid "Fury" as the movie offers vary little in terms of deep insight on war and its psychological casualties. The best act of the film occurs at the half way point where the American army occupies a small German town. During those next twenty or so minutes, the audience gets to experience the more (in)human aspect that war brings on a community and how they cope with the difficulties of day to day life on a truly global scale.

Besides these two highlights, "Fury" offers scripty writing and an abundance of battles without a strong narrative linking everything together (unless the tanks are the narrative link). We're presented with a rag-tag tank crew, but there's too many people to focus on one for too long, so its difficult to really grasp each person's drive and motivation throughout the movie... besides "get out alive". This lack of motivation directly counters "American Sniper" as its clear why the main character keeps returning to Iraq. I feel "Fury" could have easily been an epic war film in technical precision and narrative scope had Ayer spent more time developing the story and less time staging the battle sequences. Regardless, "Fury" offers a solid addition to the popular war film genre and some memorable tank battles to boot.

Grade: B