The Flat Quack Website is Live!

Welcome to the official launch of the Flat Quack Films website!
I apologize for broadcasting everywhere ("Go to our blog! We have tons of announcements"), and here you arrived with one dingy, redundant announcement: the website that you're now on? It's new!

Seriously. We promise we'll update regularly. Starting now... maybe tomorrow.

But don't be disappointed. Here's an update on everything that is going on at present:

  • Our multiple award-winning short, Tough Case, had a soft release. View it here in its entirety.
  • Our next short film project, Hench Life, is nearing its straight-to-YouTube release (trailer embedded below)
  • Flat Quack is taking a new "content is king" approach. We're attempting  to streamline content so it pumps at your face even faster than before. Hence, the website, the blog, the more-frequent social updates, and the weekly movie reviews by our very own Cicil Dixon, which will now be hosted here.
  • Since its conception, Flat Quack has always hosted its own bizarre universe. Up until now, we've kept the universe as a private joke among us Quacks. Our future projects aim to bring you to the "in" crowd -- which is not very "in" at all.

One last thing: You -- whoever you are -- thank you for finding this site in the massive dumping grounds that is the internet. We are glad you found us among The Noise, so we beg of you: come back! Come back often. Frequently. Please?

For extra incentive, I've included an email subscribe button below. Right when you've forgotten about us, you'll get a ping as if from your ex-lover ("Where did you go? We miss you?!"). And then, just hopefully, you'll watch another one of our films.