Don't think. Just sleep.

Insomnia is common for Randall. The constant fighting from his neighbors and soul sucking job doesn't help either. That is until he receives the sleep aid machine, 'Sleepo' in the mail from the oppressive mega corporation 'Harmony United'™. Sleepo's sounds are what you like. It always knows what you want to hear.

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Silver Scream Festival

Medusa Underground Film Festival

Olympus Film Festival

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Randall - Timothy James Markham

SLEEPO - Miranda Limonczenko

Troy - Anthony F. Guzman

Gary - Spencer Park

Customer Service Rep. - Greg Maddox

Dream Woman - Callie Haun

Doggie - Xak


Director - Miranda Limonczenko

Writers - Chuck Starzenski & Miranda Limonczenko

Producer - Stefan Perez

Cinematographer - Stefan Perez

1st Assistant Camera - Jackson Rosenfeld

2nd Assistant Camera - Julian Conrad

Editor - Stefan Perez

Score Composer - Justen Noll

Art Director - Chip Rio Nido

Special Effects Consultant - Spencer Howson

Sound Designer - Jackson Rosenfeld

Sound Grip - Dylan Limonczenko

Executive Producer - Cecil W. Dixon


Don's Appliances

Miles Levin

Stacy Han


Less SLEEP, More Quack

The makers of your favorite SLEEPO have a blog! We've been throwing around the idea of a sequel, so check our blog regularly to see if we actually follow through.